Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bob Marley Airbrushed cake

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A Great way to decorate a cake is to use a airbrush. Airbrushes come in all types, but that's another story. So I thought  id go thru the steps of how i made this Bob Marley cake. Yea its not perfect but its not suppose to be its to show you an advantage of using an airbrush. So how to start  well you wi have to  do a little research and use a tried  true way  for airbrushing. Search out a Bob Marley stencil or any other stencil you looking for. I used this just printed out in back and white

Once printed out  just use a xato knife to cut out the stencil. Here are a few  pics of mine thourgh the process

While you are doing that bake the cake. Pan size can be what you want it to be. I  used a 12 x 18 sheet pan. Now with the cake done and your stencil cut out its time to frost the cake use a crumb coat  first so you don't have crumbs around . With the cake all frosted and apply your stencil gently  on to the  frosting butter cream works great.  make sure all your corners are down to avoid over stray . If after removing the stencil there is over spray just use more frosting to to cover up. you will see the over spray in mine as i didn't add more frosting for this blog purpose.

At this point  put in fridge for a few to let dry and the frosting to set.Then using a tooth pick i marked the lines for the back colors and finished the cake. i added some boarders around the edges just to finish it off.
This cake was one of the best cakes I've done in awhile. if your having trouble finding a good stencil . Search  free people stencil here

Thank you everybody for checking out my page

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